Dark Sun

Prelude 2 - Silt Runner Ambush

to be entered

Prelude 1 - The Baazrag Nest

The merchant caravan made camp in the desert shortly before dusk. The camp sent out four scouts in four different directions to look for any immediate danger. Three of them cam back within an hour, as they normally do, but the fourth did not return. The journey leader sent Lo-Kag and Tarkas Kri to find out what happened to the missing scout. Very little time was left before the red Sun would set.

Lo-Kag and Tarkas came to a rocky outcrop and found the scout dead and being dragged off by a baazrag dragging it’s kill, the scout, towards the entrance of it’s underground lair. Lo-Kag and Tarkas split up to take on the baazrag and retrieve the scout (not to mention the much needed supplies his body still carried).

Tarkas crept up above the baazrag with a plan to attack from above as Lo-Kag rushed in to take it on with his fierce gouge in hand. Tarkas quickly changed his plan as two baazrag whelps arose from holes in the ground to get some food of their own.

Lo-Kag battled the first baazrag until it fleed. At that point, a mass of hatchlings swarmed up from the ground and overtook Lo-Kag.

Tarkas quickly dispatched the whelps. When he came down to check on Lo-Kag, the swarm was dragging the scout into their den. Tarkas revived Lo-Kag and they fled to their camp while they had a chance to get away without becoming dinner.


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