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I’m going to be running a new Dark Sun campaign. My current plan is to run this more old school… where there’s no overarching uberplot but just a series of adventures that are linked mainly by the characters. This, of course, may change as I continue to read the setting book and get more ideas for uberplots… but I am going to try to refrain.

The group is going to members of a small independent merchant group. During the latest travel through the wastelands between the cities your caravan was attacked and destroyed… the pc’s will be the survivors. The game will most likely kick off with the group reaching the city (whichever that may be) they were initially heading for with the caravan.

So far it looks like Harry will be playing a Human who was the right hand man of the head of the merchant group. Scott is playing a half-giant who was formerly a gladiator, but now works as protection for the caravan. Mike will probably be playing a human or tiefling wilder child. I’ll have a npc/pc human desert ranger type guy that also works for the merchant group.

Check out the Wiki for the Group Template, optional rules and characters I have on the site so far.

If Obsidian Portal works out well, I’ll probably put out the $5/month to get the extra features.

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